Light Tower Maintenance: Our Tips

If you’ve ever questioned “when did that building get there” or “how did that overpass get built so fast”, the answer is nighttime construction work. In high traffic areas or jobsites on a time crunch, the use of light towers is a necessity for the safety of overnight construction workers. Although StallionRents light towers are […]

Renting vs. Buying a Generator: The Benefits

Maintaining a jobsite demands making fiscally responsible decisions. One decision construction managers must make is whether they will rent or buy a generator that will provide enough power to run the whole jobsite. They must consider various factors that play into whether renting or buying one will better suit their construction site needs. Here are […]

Protect Your Jobsite if There’s A COVID Resurgence

Contactless Communication is one way to help mitigate the spread of Coronavirus Experts are saying that the second wave of COVID19 is to be expected in the upcoming months. Recorded by the Houston Chronicle, Dr. Peter Hotez explains his theory of October 2021 being the first FDA approved vaccine release date. Until then, the country […]

Onsite Mancamps, The Better Choice

There are many challenges associated with temporary job sites; however, finding temporary mobile housing for your employees should not be one of them. Mobile Housing may not be on your radar as a project manager, but StallionRents can prove why it should be. Keeps Your Employees Practicing Social Distancing The only way you can be sure of your […]

How Contractors Can Prevent Jobsite Theft

Jobsite security cameras are one way of preventing theft According to the National Equipment Register, Approximately 300 million to 1 billion dollars in jobsite equipment is stolen each year and only 25% of that is likely to be returned. As a contractor, it’s easy to feel like your optics will always have a blind spot, […]

Keep Your Jobsite and Crew Safe During Hurricane Season

Prepare your Jobsite for Hurricane Season As many of us recently witnessed with Hurricane Laura, storms can change their trajectory and strength at the drop of a hat. It’s tough to know just how bad the damage will be if there is a storm. Preparation remains key to proactively keep your jobsite security and crew […]

The Digital Divide and StallionRent’s Plan to Close It

At StallionRents, we’re committed to closing the digital divide and improving student access to high-speed internet. We believe all students have a fundamental right to the technology they need to learn. Now more than ever, wifi access for students is critical as schools continue their shift to distance learning. That’s why we were so troubled […]

COVID-19 Can’t Disrupt Stallion’s Commitment to You

Stallion is honored to work with customers and employees all across the United States. As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to alter the way we live, work and conduct our daily lives, one thing remains constant—we always pull together to help one another. That fact is especially true as we grapple with a new normal. […]

Four Reasons Gulf of Mexico Operators Trust StaRComm®

Every day, Stallion is inspired by the people who exude in spades the practical grit and ingenuity demanded by the daunting challenges that come with oil and gas production in remote locations under extreme conditions. Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico isn’t for the faint of heart. Precision, accuracy and unfaltering determination are just a […]